Lip injections are a relatively standard cosmetic surgery procedure. They can be performed as an outpatient procedure, although more complicated systems may require overnight hospitalization. In a minimally invasive surgery, a surgeon will insert a hollow needle called a cannula into each lip. There is no need for anesthesia, and the skin is not irritated. It is not unusual for the procedure to cause swelling, but this usually goes away within a few days.

lip injections

The fullness of the lips usually takes at least six months to develop. Most physicians expect fullness to occur within one to three months. Fullness will be more apparent to patients if they wear lipstick daily. Patients who have chosen Lip Injections NJ procedures to enhance their lipstick application may find that they have already achieved the desired level of fullness. Lip implant patients will be asked to wait at least six months before achieving maximum results.

A patient should be able to tell the doctor what he or she likes in terms of the color of the lips. Many lip injections procedures are done based on the color of the lips. If a patient wants more than one color of lip injected into his or her lips, he or she should let the physician know in advance. The fullness of the lips will be permanent, so it is important to choose the procedure carefully.

One common complication of a lip injections procedure is infection of the lips. Some patients experience redness, pain and swelling of the injected areas. If infection occurs, drainage should be started as soon as possible with a course of antibiotics. Pain and discomfort are commonly relieved with over the counter pain medication and/or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Patients should expect the results of the procedure to be permanent. However, there may be some cosmetic changes that occur, including fine lines that may appear in the lip corners. These fine lines will gradually fade in time. The amount of change will vary, from slight to fullness. Some people may also experience increased color of the cheeks, lips and eyes after the procedure.

Lip injections will not prevent bruising after the procedure. This is common for any type of surgical procedure. The only way to minimize bruising is by wearing supportive clothing during and after the procedure. Patients should expect some swelling and bruising after the procedure, and they should make sure to limit the wearing of tight-fitting or high heels.

Swelling and bruising can also be a side effect of this treatment. This is usually temporary and usually disappears within a few weeks. Some patients experience an increase in lip size, while others notice increased discomfort. All patients should report any changes in their lip size and discomfort to their Plastic Surgeon.

Lip injections are not ideal for everyone. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, you should wait until after the pregnancy and breastfeeding are over to receive this treatment. Also, try to avoid receiving these injections during the first three months of your life, as the medications used during this time may affect your unborn child. Your doctor will be able to discuss all available side effects with you and recommend the best course of action. Discussing your options with a qualified dermatologist is the best way to determine if these injections are right for you.

Some patients are concerned about possible side effects from receiving lip injections. One of the most common side effects is mild swelling and bruising. These side effects are temporary and will subside quickly in most patients. This mild swelling and bruising is fairly common and typically does not require any further treatment.

Another common question that you may be asking is, “Can I see results from this procedure without seeing my dermatologist?” The answer to this question is yes. This procedure is very effective at plumping up your lips, but it is not a cosmetic procedure. It does not make your lips thinner, and it does not eliminate wrinkles. What it does do is temporarily lift up swelling and reduce discomfort.

The reason that Lip Injections is a great choice for those looking for an easy and non-invasive way to enhance the look of their lips is that this type of procedure is not only quick but painless. There are no risks, and you will not have to visit your dermatologist to get injections. Your doctor will administer the lip injections, and you can go home to watch television or do other activities while receiving the fillers. Unlike many other types of cosmetic surgery procedures, you can return to work, school, friends, and daily activities immediately after the lip injections.