When shopping for lash lift rods, you’ll likely see a variety of options, from a cheap plastic rod to a more expensive silicone one. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that it will last. All silicone rods are made with high-grade silicone for durability and silky smoothness. These rods are specially designed to lift the lashes straight up, and their orange-colored shields will help promote your work.

lash lift rods

The traditional silicone rod provides a gentle lift with a dramatic curl, while the extreme styling shield offers a more dramatic lift at the base of the lash and a larger working area. These features allow you to achieve your desired results without causing any ocular pressure, which is a major drawback of the traditional silicone rod. For this reason, you should choose Lash Lift that works best for your eye shape.
The best way to determine the right size for your client is to consider their eyelashes’ natural length. The size of the lash lift rod will determine how high or low the natural curl is. Depending on the size of the client’s natural lashes, you can trim the rod to fit the desired curl. Whether you’re using a standard rod or a pro lash lift rod, it’s best to consult a professional.
As mentioned before, choosing the right size for your eyelashes is critical for a beautiful lift. Make sure to lift them at least 3/4 of the way up the rod before putting on the solution. This will prevent any solution from curling back toward the eye. You can also choose to customize the size of the rod for a dramatic lift or a gradual curl. Small rods are great for people with shorter lashes, but you must be precise with the placement of the solution.
To apply lash lift rods, you must apply a special adhesive. This will allow the rod to stay close to the lash line, holding it there until the adhesive has time to set. Remember, however, that the treatment is for professionals only, so you should never attempt it yourself. For maximum results, you should always consult with a professional. You should always be very careful when performing lash lifts because any mistake will negatively affect your results.
If you’re looking for the best lash lift rods for your clients, then choose the brand you trust. A certain brand’s silicone lash lift rods are made of the smoothest silicone on the market, and they offer beautiful lift and curl. You can purchase individual lash lift rods for your clients or use a combination pack of several if you’re looking for the best value. The best option will also be affordable for those who want to buy more than one.
The lash lift rods used to be made of metal, but that has all changed now. The company has introduced a super-smooth silicone rod. These lash lift rods bond to the eyelids using stronghold keratin adhesive. The silicone rods bond securely to the lashes, so the result will be the best possible. If you’re unsure of whether or not to use a silicone rod, you should consult with your beauty specialist and learn more about this procedure.
A good perm shield is designed to withstand the heat of the procedure. But, a perm shield must be sterilized after each client. Antiseptic solutions will destroy the surface of the perm shield and change its properties. So, before implementing a perm shield, be sure to thoroughly clean the surface of the rods and wipe away any residues. Finally, make sure to use silicone lash lift pads, as they will be matched to the size and shape of the eyelashes. Always remember to not do this procedure on yourself.